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Mrs McKernan

EYFS Lead / Reception Teacher

Mrs D Starkey

Teaching Assistant

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At Bugle School, the implementation of our EYFS curriculum ensures that our children can develop as independent, confident and successful learners. Our children have high aspirations and understand the value of making positive contributions to the world around them. Our goal is to ensure that all of our children are happy and engaged.

Through our child-led curriculum, we provide an environment that allows each child to display high levels of concentration, creativity, energy and persistence. The rationale behind this is that high levels of well-being and involvement foster positive development for children and facilitate deeper learning. 


We believe that children should be able to lead their learning by initiating activities that are significant to them, derived from their own interests and ideas. Our curriculum is centred around our children and our classroom provision is based on their knowledge. In addition to this, and in order to broaden the experiences afforded to our children, our Reception Year curriculum is enhanced each half term with a themed focus. These themed activities are integrated into our daily classroom practice, with the aim of inspiring our children and enriching their daily learning.

Our EYFS curriculum enables our children to continually demonstrate their ability to:

  •               Play and explore
  •               Learn actively 
  •               Create and think critically

It is our hope that each of our children will be inspired and motivated to actively engage with our EYFS curriculum during their time at Bugle School; experiencing enjoyment and transitioning into Key Stage 1 with the confidence and skills to flourish as independent and resilient learners.


We are lucky to have recently  built, purposely designed building ready to inspire the next generation of Bugle pupils.
Our EYFS philosophy is ‘building a love of learning that will last a lifetime’.
Our EYFS is a carefully planned environment which allows children to explore, practise and refine learning using a core set of resources which are built upon throughout the year.
Our new curriculum theme for Summer Term 2  is 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!'
Look at our Medium Term Planning to learn more about what we will be covering...
Personal, Social and Emotional Development 
Miss Penhall and Mrs Starkey get to know the reception class pupils well and form strong working relationships with them. Children are encouraged to explore their learning environment and supported to play cooperatively with others, gain the confidence to make new friends, and to utilise the classroom areas effectively.
Communication and Language
Communication and Language is a huge focus area for our Reception children: at the start of the year pupils shared their All About Me boxes. Children to begin to enhance their early communication skills, and practise their listening skills whilst their friends share their own boxes. 
Throughout the year, we use WellComm and We Thinkers programmes to support social interaction and communication, speech, and language. We also  introduce basic Makaton signs which support all children with language development, and helps to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for all children.
Often, the children love sharing their home learning experiences that have been uploaded to Tapestry~ we love finding out about your home achievements!
Physical Development
Our PE sessions cover a range of activities which support physical development, including gross and fine motor skills. The children will take part in PE sessions where they will learn to jump safely, walk, and run using varying directions and speeds. Our Physical Development curriculum at Bugle School is supported by the REAL PE Programme.
We also enjoy going to our forest school regularly. Here the children develop physical stamina and their gross motor skills through free and easy movement round the Forest School site. They also develop fine motor skills by making objects and structures.
Getting children’s early Literacy off to a flying start is our aim for the year. The children will begin daily phonics sessions, where they will be taught their first phonemes and graphemes, and have the opportunity to practise their new learnt skills. Our provision will include ‘funky finger’ activities and Pen Disco to support the development of children’s fine motor skills. The children will practise their name writing daily and be supported to begin correct letter formation. We LOVE books and stories in Reception, and share our favourites daily!

Our Mathematics curriculum begins with our Number Sense programme, where children are supported to develop secure understanding of early number. We will begin subitising (recognising small amounts without counting), and sing lots of number nursery rhymes daily. Mathematical opportunities are in every area of the learning environment, with loose parts for children to sort and count, shapes to discuss and describe, and fun puzzles to complete! 

We have been working on our subitizing skills (recognising an amount, without counting) this has supported us to recognise that numbers are made up of other numbers. With our new knowledge we have been working on composition of number. We have used numicon as a visual aid to support our learning. Each day we practise our number formation and counting. We have also been learning about shapes and their properties and extending and recreating AB/ABB/ABC patterns. 

Expressive Arts and Design
There are lots of opportunities to be creative in Reception class. Children are guided and encouraged to independently develop new techniques, create masterpieces, sing songs, make models and dance/use actions. The children are be supported to use scissors and other tools safely and effectively, including using a safe grip and making purposeful snips and cuts in paper. 
Understanding the World
Our Understanding the World curriculum supports our children to notice seasonal changes around us and in our local environment. We enjoy going on welly walks in the forest and at the beach to observe the world around us. We notice different sounds in the outdoor environment, and notice and changes in the leaves on the trees. Through our various curriculum themes, we learn about different occupations through discussions with our friends about their parents and carers’ jobs, and people they have met in the community, such as a Midwife, Police Officers & Vets. We are very lucky to have the local fire brigade visit us too!
We also love learning about festivals around the world; including the Hindu festival of Diwali and Christian traditions during the lead up to Christmas/Easter.
We have visited to our local Church where we learnt about why it is a special place for Christians.

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