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Writing is an essential part of our curriculum offer and very important at Bugle School. Children are taught to write fluently so they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others. Children develop their understanding of a range of genres and styles including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and handwriting are taught rigorously across the school, starting with synthetic phonics and fine motor skills to develop mark making in the Foundation Stage. Children are given opportunities explore the writing structure and features of different genres, identify the purpose and audience; plan and write an initial piece of writing with a clear context and purpose before evaluating the effectiveness of writing by editing and redrafting.


We have lots of wonderful opportunities to inspire pupils, which makes sure they enjoy writing, and teaching and support to ensure children make excellent progress. In EYFS children learn how to hold a pencil properly and begin to form letters, words and sentences. Pen licences are awarded to children who can prove they can write across a range of subjects and genres.