Forest School

Mission statement  -  to inspire learning for all, through the wonders of nature.


Once a year, children at Bugle school will have the opportunity to be part of a series of Forest School sessions.  They will take part in outdoor, nature-based activities as they join our resident woodland characters, Wild Willoughby and Wondering Willow, in adventure play and learning, amongst our natural woodland setting.


Our Forest School endeavours to inspire and facilitate the interests of inquisitive minds in such a way that self-guided exploration, challenge setting, problem solving, skill acquisition and risk management can flourish.  It is during these processes and moments of self-driven thinking, reflection and peer-shared direction that unrestricted, holistic learning about one’s self, one’s peers, and the world around us, takes place. 


By sustainably utilising the natural environment and the resources it provides, a Forest School programme may include activities such as woodland art, woodland games, tool use, shelter building, wildlife exploration, and fire use. 


During these Forest School activities, the processes of decision making, problem solving, and the acquisition of skills and knowledge, allow creativity, self-confidence and independence to blossom, as activities and projects are developed in accordance with participants’ own ideas and interests.  Self-confidence is built upon over time as independence from adults and positive, ’can-do’ attitudes, are developed.


Each programme of sessions operatives within the ethos and ‘Six Principles of Forest School’ as set out by the Forest School Association; details of which can be found on their website, or click on the link -




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