Bugle Primary School History and Geography


The aim of History and Geography at Bugle Primary School is to give the children a wider perspective on their world and to provide the beginnings of an understanding of the human situation. Children are encouraged to develop transferable skills they can use across the curriculum and in later life, such as perceptive questions, thinking critically and weighing evidence. Also, by stimulating their interest of other times and places children develop an awareness of themselves in relation to their community and the part they can play in it.


Through high quality teaching and learning of History, Bugle Primary's intent is to: 

  • Inspire children's curiosity, encouraging them to ask critical questions, enabling them to understand how the past has helped to shape the present state of Britain and understand how it has been influenced by the wider world. 
  • Develop children’s knowledge of past civilisations and the expansion of these civilisations and empires. 
  • Introduce children to historical enquiry and the ability to formulate and research questions using a variety of sources. 
  • Help children to develop a sense of chronology.


Through high quality teaching and learning of Geography, Bugle Primary's intent is to:

  • Provoke and provide answers to questions about the natural and human aspects of the world
  • Allow children to develop an interest in Cornwall and their local surroundings and the importance of caring for the local environment. 
  • Develop a knowledge of processes that help to form key features of the world. 
  • To understand where in the world the children from our school originate from.
  • Develop children’s sense of awe and wonder of the world around them. 
  • Enhance a sense of responsibility for the world in which we live and the people within it. 
  • Learn to use specific geographical skills including, fieldwork, map skills and geographical enquiry. Which will involve them exploring Bugle and the surrounding area to develop and apply these skills.

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