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The School Day

Below you can see the outline to a typical KS1 and KS2 school day

KS1 and KS2 children arrive at school via the pedestrian walkway at 8.45 am.

If you send your children to school BEFORE 8.30am they are not yet the school’s responsibility and could, potentially be at risk on an unsupervised open space. The bell for the start of registration sounds at 8.55 am.

We have a Breakfast Club which is open term time only from 7.30 am until 8.45 am each morning.  To book a place, please contact Mrs MacNamara in the Nursery unit.  Breakfast Club costs £2.50 (which includes breakfast) or £1.00 after 8.15 am.

KS1 School day
KS2 School day

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is daily requirement in all schools and assemblies take place during the afternoon each day to ensure valuable core subject learning, morning maths and English, is not affected by the time taken out to attend assembly. 
Each Friday we hold a celebration assembly at 2.45 pm to celebrate the achievements made by pupils throughout the week, these will be held virtually.

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