Class 2

Welcome to Year 2

Dear Parents/Guardians

A warm welcome to all pupils joining Year 2 class after the summer holidays!  We (Mrs Ferris and Mr Nicholls) are both very excited about teaching you all in 2018-19, as are our class Teaching Assistants, Mrs Richards, Miss Hickey (Nee Jennings) and Miss Rowe.  In order to get the maximum out of the opportunities available to your child, we are  writing to you to let you know of the topics and subjects that your child will be covering this year.


In Year 2, we try to create an exciting, integrated and cross-curricular based learning environment, which encourages the children to link their knowledge and understanding across subjects into other areas.  Here are some highlights:

In Term 1 (Autumn), children will be learning about ‘Keeping Healthy’ and ‘Materials’ in Science.  We will also be learning about travel and the history of different methods of transport during our topic work.

In Term 2 (Spring), children will be learning about (Traditional) Stories from other Cultures, in a joint Geography and English topic, and will be learning about Electricity and Forces in Science.  We will also be learning about the ‘Great Fire of London’ and ‘Samuel Pepys’ diary during History sessions.

In Term 3 (Summer), children will be learning about Plants, Habitats and Life Cycles in our Science topics.  They will also focus on the seaside as our topic work.

Our Topics will be taught in lessons throughout the afternoon.  The learning that the children encounter during these lessons will also feed into what they are writing about, for example, in English (Literacy) lessons.

Year 2 is a very important year as the children complete KS1 SATs tests in the Summer Term.  These include tests in Reading (Comprehension), Writing (Grammar), Spelling and Maths.  I will give information about these when necessary during the school year.


Being able to read confidently is the key to enjoying and achieving at school. It is absolutely vital that your child reads at home every day in order to make the maximum progress possible at school!  We will listen to your child read with an adult individually or in a group at least twice each week.  We will also be monitoring (yellow) reading record books to ensure that children are reading at home.  This leads to a class percentage being given for our weekly reading challenge result, and these are then published on the school newsletter and a winning class is announced in our Achievers Assembly (Friday). 


Spellings come from Phonics Teachers and are based on the sounds that the children will be learning throughout the week.  These will be given out on a Friday and your child will be tested the following Friday.

Written Practice of English and Maths (Homework):

Practice (one side of English/Literacy and one side of Maths/Numeracy) will be given out on a Friday. This will need to be handed in by the following Friday (at the latest).  Children will earn house-points for completing their homework and will need to complete it during playtime (on a Friday) if it has not been completed at home.  If they are finding it hard to do at home, they can attend ‘Homework/Practice (lunchtime) Club’ at school.

Extra curricular clubs:

Your child will be able to sign up for a variety of lunch time and after school clubs from September.  There will be a limited number of places available so children must be signed up promptly.

Routines and Procedures:

The school day starts at 8:55 am.  All children meet on the main playground and are brought into school by an adult.

Children leave school at 3:15 pm and must leave by the top gate.  It would also be very helpful if you could write your child’s name on their school uniform, PE kit and any other relevant items.

Physical Education (P.E):

Your child will need a suitable PE kit (ie: shorts, t-shirt, trainers, tracksuit for the winter months) so they can safely take part in weekly physical exercise opportunities.  Our Year 2 PE lessons will be every Thursday afternoon for the whole afternoon.

Other important information:

Due to the changing weather, please ensure that your child always has a coat in school.  Any medication for your child must be given to an adult in the class and a form must be filled in with detailed instructions for its storage and administration.  The forms are kept in the Reception area with Mrs Rowe and Mrs Caust.  Inhalers can be stored in the classroom and they too must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Mrs Ferris, Mr Nicholls, Mrs Richards, Miss Hickey, Miss Rowe