At Bugle School, we aim to promote a love of maths through an engaging and progressive mastery curriculum.  This covers the National Curriculum’s three main areas of fluency, problem solving and reasoning.  Our maths curriculum helps children to develop a deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts through small steps of progression. 


Over the last two years, we have invested in a range of new equipment to help support the children in their mathematical understanding.  Each child has their own maths pack which will travel with them throughout their time at Bugle School containing a variety of practical resources as well as personalised resources to support their own, individual needs within maths.


We are also working hard on ensuring that the classroom environments help to promote and support the hard work and efforts of all children in mathematics.  Our working walls are always developing and show the support materials available to the children as well as the work that has been covered in previous lessons.  This helps anybody visiting our classrooms see the journey our children are making with their learning in maths, and also gives the children a good reference point to help remind them of previous knowledge and skills they can use and apply to new challenges.


We have recently updated our calculation policy to reflect the steps of progression encouraged through the mastery curriculum.  It promotes the use of concrete (hands on objects), pictorial (pictures/drawings) and abstract (written method) steps when teaching each of the methods given in order to give children a deep understanding of the mathematics they are using.  This also helps to give children more strategies to help themselves to become resilient, independent learners.